Last update: 02/19/2013


Research Group


Prof. Zhi-Quan (Tom) Luo
Email: luozq at 
Phone: (612)625-0242
Fax: (612)625-4583 
Office: Rm. 6-161, Keller Hall/Rm. 483, DTC, Walter Library
Research Interests: Algorithmic/complexity issues arising from data communication, and signal processing, SDP relaxation for nonconvex quadratic optimization, Dynamic spectrum management, Distributed signal processing, Interference alignment, Matrix completion

Post Doctors:

Mingyi Hong

 mhong at 
Phone: (612)624-6631
Office: Rm. 455, DTC 
Research Interests: Spectrum management, Game theory, Optimization theory

Bo Jiang

Email: jiangbo at 
Office: Rm. 455, DTC 
Research Interests: Optimization theory, matrix computation

Current Visiting Scholar and Students:

Zhang Qian

From:  Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Email:  zhangq at
Office: Rm. 441, DTC  
Research Interests:  Wireless communication, signal processing

Yuan Yuan

Email: yyuan.tli at

Office: Rm. 468, DTC  
Research Interests:  Optimization

Current Graduate Students:

Meisam Razaviyayn 

Email: meisam at 
Phone: (612)625-1270 
Office: Rm. 441, DTC
Research Interests: Convex optimization, Complexity theory, Linear transceiver design, Interference alignment, Distributed spectrum management
Maziar Sanjabi

Email: sanja006 at 
Phone: (612)625-1270 
Office: Rm. 441, DTC
Research Interests: Linear transceiver design,  Interference alignment, Distributed spectrum management
Ruoyu Sun

Email: sunxx394 at
Phone: (612)625-1270 
Office: Rm. 441, DTC
Research Interests: Interference alignment, Matrix completion, Linear transceiver design
Hung-Wei (Andy) Tseng
Email: ohandyya at 
Office: Rm. 441, DTC
Research Interests: Dictionary learning, Sparse modeling, Application of optimization in audio processing
Wei-Cheng Liao
Email: liaox146 at 
Office: Rm. 441, DTC
Research Interests: Wireless communication, Optimization
Mojtaba Kadkhodaie
Email:kadkh004 at
Phone: (612)644-9462
Office: Rm. 468, DTC
Research Interests: Optimization Theory, Wireless Communications, Information Theory

Graduated PhD students:

 Jinjun Xiao (Starkey Labs, USA)

 Mikalai Kisialiou (Intel Corp., USA)

 Alireza Razavi

 Yao H Morin

 Randall Plate

Former visiting scholars and students:

 Xiangfeng Wang (Ph.D student, Nanjing University)

 Quan-bo Ge (Prof. , Hangzhou Dianzi University , PR China)

 Jing-ran Lin (Prof. ,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China )

 Zhen-hua Xu (Ph.D. student, Northwestern Polytechnical University, PR China)

 Shu Cai (Ph.D. student, Xidian University, PR China)

 Zi Xu (Assoc. Prof., Shanghai University, PR China)

 Hong-bing Qiu (Prof., Guilin University of Electronic Technology, PR China)

 Ming HU (Ph.D., Kyoto University, Japan)

 Yafeng Liu (Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China)

 Qiang Li (Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

 Shuzhong Zhang (Prof., University of Minnesota, USA)

 Jos Sturm (Assoc. Prof., Tilburg University, Netherlands)

 Shunsuke Hayashi (Asst. Prof., Kyoto University, Japan)

 Ramy Gohary (Dr. at Communication Research Centre, Canada)

 Tsung-Hui Chang (Asst. Prof., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

 Yongchao Wang (Assoc. Prof., Xidian University, PR China)

 Zhi-bin Zhu (Prof., Guilin University of Electronic Technology, PR China)

 Haibin Zhang (Assoc. Prof., Beijing University Of Technology, PR China)

 Yanjun Wang (Assoc. Prof., Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, PR China)

 Takayuki Okuno (Ph.D. student, Kyoto University, Japan)

 Qingjiang Shi (Ph.D., Shanghai Jiao Tong University, PR China)

 Lei Jiao (Ph.D., University of Agder, Norway)

 Enbin Song (Assoc. Prof., Sichuan University, PR China)

 Chris Gao