Last update: 03/12/2012

Books and Special Issues

C. Books and Special Issues

  1. Luo, Z.-Q, Pang, J.-S. and Ralph, D., Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints, Cambridge University Press, 400 pages, 1996.
  2. Luo, Z.-Q. and Pang, J.-S. (Guest Editors), Error Bounds and Their Applications in Mathematical Programming, Mathematical Programming, Series B, 2000.
  3. Chiang, M., Low, S., Luo, Z.-Q., Shroff, N. and Yu, W. (Guest Editors), Special issue of IEEE Journal of Selected Areas of Communications on ‘Nonlinear Optimization of Communication Systems’, 2006.
  4. Luo, Z.-Q., Gastpar, M., Liu, J. and Swami, A., (Guest Editors), Special issue of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine on ‘Distributed Signal Processing for Sensor Networks’, 2006.